Stress Free Work Environment #101

Its my 6th month working with my new boss. Really like working with her because she is so chill and doesn’t allow negativity in the office.

no negativity

I have always been a bit sexist towards my own gender and I have always steer away from working with a lady boss. But now, I can truly say that one’s attitude is not related to one’s gender.


I, too, struggled with work depression and had reached a point where suicidal thoughts were as normal as any other daily thoughts. Then I changed my job.

THE ONLY thing that is depressing with my new job is how my boss can maintain a nice figure at the age of 40ish. That is a life goal.

These are the things that I do to handle work stress that you might find to be useful to cope with work stress:

  • Whenever you caught yourself in a stressful situation, just laugh it off.


  • Calm down and make the best out of the situation at hand – panic causes more stress


  • Ask directions from your boss for a clearer picture of the instructions – more focus!


  • Ask help from friends – Yeap. At least on the rough idea of the work that you’re doing

ineed help

  • Discuss the issues with your boss/ colleagues – that’s how your idea grows

we need to talk

  • Have a to-do list or an update list – especially for lawyers. Remember all the penalties?


  • Avoid doing your work at the 11th hour – it causes panic and adding up to the stress


  • Have a life – success in nothing if you don’t have anyone to celebrate with

get a life


Have a nice day 🙂