Only Time Will Tell

I’ve been interested in Jeffrey Archer after reading his Kane & Abel. It was a birthday present from my senior to me 🙂

So last weekend after my morning around the hood, dropped by Borders to check out the books.

Not disappointed that Jeffrey Archer’s books are priced RM19.90. The best part of the bargain? I got a second copy for half the price.

And just my luck, managed to get my hands on the Clifton chronicles except for the last book, which is not on sale. Got the first 4 books in the chronicles at RM59.70. I’m so pleased with my purchase.

image1 (1)

There are 5 books in Clifton chronicles:

  • Only Time Will Tell;
  • The Sins of the Father;
  • Best Kept Secret;
  • Be Careful What You Wish For; and
  • Mightier Than Sword

Will review each book and share my thoughts here 🙂