My Ringgit

Found out a cute discovery about Bank Negara Malaysia today. They have this app called My Ringgit.

This is an interactive educational app on the Ringgit notes & coins.

The front page for iOS:



Did a screenshot for sample on RM5 note. The numbers will show features to check on a note whether it is a counterfeit note.



If you click on the “Augmented Reality” icon, you can actually scan your own note:


Check the UV light feature. Tried it on RM1 note:



They also have sections on coins. Unfortunately, the augmented reality features cannot be used for coins (at least for me!!!).
Do check this cool app from Bank Negara. Download from Google Play or App Store today 😉😉😉😉😉


Only Time Will Tell

I’ve been interested in Jeffrey Archer after reading his Kane & Abel. It was a birthday present from my senior to me 🙂

So last weekend after my morning around the hood, dropped by Borders to check out the books.

Not disappointed that Jeffrey Archer’s books are priced RM19.90. The best part of the bargain? I got a second copy for half the price.

And just my luck, managed to get my hands on the Clifton chronicles except for the last book, which is not on sale. Got the first 4 books in the chronicles at RM59.70. I’m so pleased with my purchase.

image1 (1)

There are 5 books in Clifton chronicles:

  • Only Time Will Tell;
  • The Sins of the Father;
  • Best Kept Secret;
  • Be Careful What You Wish For; and
  • Mightier Than Sword

Will review each book and share my thoughts here 🙂


Stress Free Work Environment #101

Its my 6th month working with my new boss. Really like working with her because she is so chill and doesn’t allow negativity in the office.

no negativity

I have always been a bit sexist towards my own gender and I have always steer away from working with a lady boss. But now, I can truly say that one’s attitude is not related to one’s gender.


I, too, struggled with work depression and had reached a point where suicidal thoughts were as normal as any other daily thoughts. Then I changed my job.

THE ONLY thing that is depressing with my new job is how my boss can maintain a nice figure at the age of 40ish. That is a life goal.

These are the things that I do to handle work stress that you might find to be useful to cope with work stress:

  • Whenever you caught yourself in a stressful situation, just laugh it off.


  • Calm down and make the best out of the situation at hand – panic causes more stress


  • Ask directions from your boss for a clearer picture of the instructions – more focus!


  • Ask help from friends – Yeap. At least on the rough idea of the work that you’re doing

ineed help

  • Discuss the issues with your boss/ colleagues – that’s how your idea grows

we need to talk

  • Have a to-do list or an update list – especially for lawyers. Remember all the penalties?


  • Avoid doing your work at the 11th hour – it causes panic and adding up to the stress


  • Have a life – success in nothing if you don’t have anyone to celebrate with

get a life


Have a nice day 🙂

Datang cari kija ka?

So recently we have to advise our client whether his employee falls under the Employment Act 1955 (“EA”) or not. If the employee falls under EA, the employee will be entitled to the benefits under the EA.

You can check First Schedule of the EA here for details.

Boss asked me to check the Jabatan Tenaga Kerja (“JTK”) across our office. So I went there. Waited for 5 minutes and a lady gave me Job Application Form.

She thought I am a job seeker.

2 broke girls


It turns out that they are not Jabatan Tenaga Kerja branch or anything. The logo outside their premise is merely marketing strategy to say that they are authorised to do working permits for foreign workers.

Ok. Back to work then.

2 broke girls 2

Note to self: To watch 2 Broke Girls

New Blog!

Ditched blogging few years back and deleted the accounts associated with my old blogs.

Thinking of starting a new one & here I am.


This blog will blab about

  • general issues


  • Book reviews


  • Movie reviews


  • probably a lil bit of travelling


  • and a little bit of everything

Ay vamos….