Hands in, Acapitches!!!!!

To those who watched the first Pitch Perfect, of course you will remember these awesome nerds. Well, how can you forget them?

bellas final

It is basically a story of acapella groups struggling to win the national acapella championship, friendship, courtship and full of acapella puns.

After 3 years, these college kids come back with Pitch Perfect 2.


On Malaysian silver screen, for the weekend ending 24 May 2015, Pitch Perfect 2 is ranked no 4 by cinema.com.my.

aca believe it

The songs this time around are awesome. My favourite? Of course the final performance by Bellas. Goosebumps yawww…


I have high hopes for Pitch Perfect 2 because how cool the first movie was. Quite disappointed with the plot for Pitch Perfect 2 because they are a bit draggy. Throughout the movie, I kept on wondering whether the movie is about Bellas or Becca interning at the recording studio. How she lost her words when Becca faced the Germans. Disappointment. Thought she was sassy in the first movie? People do change, I guess. Even for the fictional character.

Notwithstanding, the jokes are still funny.

Overall, my rating for Pitch Perfect 2 is 6/10.

To those who wanted to stream this movie, you can try to follow this link. But warn you, the audio is a bit off. Hey, pirates can’t be choosy 😉